Futurists of the World takes on Content Creators

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Hello there, welcome to another written article about the future, or a future! If you’re new here, we usually choose topics at random, and have a nice hangout with everyone that joins us in a Twitter Space to talk about it.

Last month, we wanted to explore the future of content creators, and if there were any kind of signals or trends that we have seen in the present day.

So, here are a few things that our Co-Hosts, Victor Sarat and Emmanuelle Naranjo, led throughout the laid-back hangout:

“It’s interesting to see how content creators themselves, when they meet your certain level, become a brand in and of themselves. Back in the early days of content creation and being a content creator, you wouldn’t have thought like, oh, I would get to a point where I would have a team of like, a video editor, a cinematographer, a stylist, like someone who does grooming and whatnot. Because that’s something that generally, for the most part, gets attributed to only celebrities.

And it’s interesting to see how content creators have gone from something that was like scorned and laughed at to something that for the most part, have become like pop culture. Some of them, um, have become pop culture icons for certain subcultures. And it’s interesting to see how the cultural perspective has shifted. You still have people that are like a content creator. What is that? And then, oh, I don’t think that’s a feasible, viable job.

But I think with the direction of newer technologies surfacing on a daily basis, not even like a yearly basis, I feel what the rate technology has been accelerating. It’s like there’s 1 minut discovery, uh, every day. Um, I think it’s especially with how the current state of work becoming more remote, being more accessible in the sense of you're able to do it anywhere, anytime.

I feel like content creation is going to be integrated into more of an attractive career for a lot of people. Because as a content creator, for the most part, unless you’re in a contract for a specific brand or company where you have to be in a specific location, you can do content creation around the world.

Like, I actually, um, in digital acquaintances with a Twitch streamer who at the moment he’s doing content creation while traveling, of course, within covid restrictions and everything. And he’s being covid safe and everything. But it’s interesting to see, like, having that opportunity if seeing the world, because back in the day if you wanted to see the world, most of the really the only options you had were aviation, the military, or journalism, but even then with journalism, you had to be on such a level where you would be able to get assignments domestically and globally, which was a tough deal to get into.

So it’s interesting to see how I think content creators is going to be, um, as common as something as saying like, oh, yeah, I want to be a dentist or a criminal prosecutor. So it’s interesting to see how people are changing their perspective in the cultural narrative of content creation being an acceptable job.” — Emmanuelle Naranjo (Trend Researcher)

Here is a Creator that Emmanuelle enjoys following!

Frogan is 25 years old who is a Twitch Gamer, but also a Public Health Expert/Researcher/Advocate! Another person that Emmanuelle follows is Shireen Mitchell, who focuses on disinformation.

“The future of content creator or the creator economy, I think we’re, um, going to be seeing, as you said, more diversity, a lot more representation with different people with different ideas, or even just sharing their culture and whatever else that they want to share with the world and being more interactive and engaging and more humane and more human than regular, uh, brands.

I think that’s a very positive outlook on content creators compared to what the older generation thinks about content creation. They usually think they’re bad, that everyone just dances. But that’s not the case. We see a lot of very diverse people who are sharing their artistic skills and creative minds. And I think that’s one of the things that will propel us towards the future is by just supporting these individuals who have a unique mindset and outlook on the world and possibly on the future.” — Victor Sarat (Foresight Advocate)

Here are a few Creators that Victor likes to watch and follow!

To watch the 3rd part for the construction of the family’s house, you can do so here!

Social media is definitely a double edge sword. One can use it for destructive motivations, but there are those (such as those above) who use it to share their passion with others or support people in need.

We are in an age where Content Creation is becoming more and more a viable option, especially for those who don’t have the privilege's, capabilities, or the resources to pursue a traditional job.

It’s similar to supporting a local mum and pop shop instead of the main food chains. If there is a person that you like to watch (to be entertained entertained), to learn from, or to feel inspired, then why not support them? It’s what they love to do, and it does mean a lot when they feel supported, even if it’s just one person.

The future is definitely bright for the Content Creators who are unique, inspiring, and trying to change the world for the better. They bring kindness, love, positive energy, and inspiration to everyone they meet. This is what separates them from the big brands, because they remind us that we’re human, and that we’re not alone.

Photo by Rachel Martin on Unsplash

Hey, you made it!

We hope some thoughts, and questions rose up while reading about Content Creation/Creators. There were more things that was shared and said by these amazing people, but we like to keep these articles short. Let us know, in the comments below, if you have a future you would like to share with us!

We thank you for taking the time to read this article, and if you like this quick recap of our conversations, please consider supporting us! Another option is to join us during our live Twitter Spaces so you can network with the futures/foresight field experts and professionals, and share your own thoughts and questions with us. You can also be featured on here, too!

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Until next time!

This is a short recap of an audio-only conversation that was held in Twitter Spaces on March 25th, 2022.




Bringing people together to understand weak signals, breaking news, and rising trends!

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Navigating Scenarios

Bringing people together to understand weak signals, breaking news, and rising trends!

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